Injury Rehab & Medical Massage Therapy

We have been happily relieving pain in the Augusta Maine area for over 15 years. We look forward to assisting you in your journey out of pain. At Kennebec Valley Neuromuscular Massage we use a unique approach for every client in treating soft tissue complaints. We provide Swedish Massage, Neuomuscular Massage Therapy, and Reflexology. Let our healing hands help you!

We accept Workers Comp and Personal Injury Cases (auto & slip and fall). Please call 207­-441-­6123 with any questions.
Business hours Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm    Fax: 207-512-1068


Our Neuromuscular Massage Therapy focuses on identifying muscles hindered from their specific actions and the trigger points that disable them. Trigger Points cause local and/or referred pain, and this therapy can release this muscular tension causing pressure on sensitive nerves. During a Neuromuscular Massage Therapy session the pressure is specific and applied throughout the muscle belly and tendons. The work we do will restore muscle length, health and balance.

Pain Relief

We have been successful in relieving pain caused by whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, TMJ dysfunction, thoracic outlet syndrome, chronic headaches, low back stiffness, carpal tunnel, and muscle spasms just to name a few.

Deep Tissue Massage

We are also very unique in our Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage. Not your typical Swedish Massage, but a heavenly blend of gentle pulling, deep muscle work, flowing strokes and knowledge of human anatomy makes our “Relaxation and De­stressing Massages” one of a kind and often requested. No two people get the same massage here at KVNM. You are unique in your needs and we know this. Each session is tailored to what it will take to bring a welcomed change to your body.

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Amanda Banister

I sent you a PM ...

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Are you experiencing pain in these areas? We can help you! Call 441-6123 ...

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We can help you with this. We know how hard it is to live in this pain! 441-6123 or message us on here! ...

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4 years ago

Julie Crocker-Beaulieu

Siarra Burke ...

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Healings we are seeing through skilled Neuromuscular & Trigger Point Therapy @ KVNM:

1) plantar fasciitis healed!
2) carpal tunnel healed!
3) frozen shoulder/rotator cuff injuries rehabilitated!
4) TMJ/Neck pain gone!
5) sciatica gone!
6) happy clients who start crying because they thought "living in pain was 'normal'" and now they are pain free!

CALL 441-6123 or message us here to make an appointment!

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A better view of Psoas muscle pain... we can help. ...

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Yes, we treat these muscles 🙂. ...

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Hurting here? Let us help you get out of pain with Neuromuscular therapy! Call us at 441-6123 or message us on here. Medical massage.. not spa massage. ...

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